Head Coach

Non-Voting Position
1 year term appointed by the CMLA Officers

  • Assist the President in the performance of his/her duties.
  • Be responsible for the creation, organization and implementation of coaching programs within the CMLA prior to the commencement of the upcoming lacrosse season. This position reports to the 2nd Vice President.
  • Ensure that all coaches maintain a high calibre of coaching.
  • Be responsible for obtaining, training and supervising of all coaches in the CMLA.
  • Arrange for clinics where required.
  • Ensure coaches are up to date with all qualifications required for the level in which they are coaching.
  • Coordinate annual 100B forms.
  • Administer the Criminal Record Check program for all coaches and volunteers and be sure that they are kept up to date.
  • Represent the CMLA at the BCLA Technical Support Groups Special Session