Voting Position
2 year term elected on even years at the CMLA AGM

  • Conduct the day to day operations of the CMLA within the guidelines of the CMLA’s Constitution and Bylaws, CLA, BCLA and LMMLC.
  • Presides at all meetings of the CMLA.
  • Supervises the other Officers in the execution of their duties and supervise the general operations of the CMLA.
  • Be a member of all committees and must be notified as to the time and place of each committee meeting.
  • Appoint auditors to examine the association’s accounting records as required.
  • Be a delegate to the governing Provincial Society Annual meeting.
  • Be a delegate and/or shall appoint delegates from the Executive Committee to attend Lower Mainland Commission, Minor Directorate and British Columbia Lacrosse Association meetings as required.
  • Have the power, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, to replace any elected or appointed member whom he/she feels is not fulfilling his/her duties.
  • Be a signing officer of the CMLA.